Reiki Healing

What Reiki can do?

  •           This drugless & harmless technique and requires no skill. It rejuvenates. One feels filled with peace, vitality and joy – a sense of well being.
  •            Reiki healing can be done simultaneously with any other ongoing treatment, expediting recovery and without any risk.
  •           Reiki can heal any chronic diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, spondylitis, ulcer, cancer, skin disease, stroke, paralysis, kidney & liver problems, insomnia, depression, migraine, lack of concentration, memory laps, ovarion cysts, nerves based diseases etc. for which there is no permanent cure in modern medicines.
  •           Reiki heals cuts, burns, fractures etc. very fast.
  •       Reiki can be very effective for post surgical recovery also.
  •       Reiki brings relief from tension & stress and brings attitudinal changes.
  •       With regular practice of reiki for 6-12 months, one feels 5-10 years younger.
  •       Reiki can heal sexual impotence and inadequacies.
  •       Reiki can be a great help to corporate executives in tackling their stress level and people like computer professionals having work related posture problems.
  •       It is extremely good for students who also have to suffer from so much tension due to severe competition and family expectations. it helps them with concentration & memory power.
  •          It helps children to grow with self confidence and positive outlook.

·         Reiki second degree can easily do the following :
- Distance healing
- Healing future events or situations to make them favourable
- Healing of past memories which give rise to negative feelings
- Wish healing
- Healing unresolved problems with a dead person
- Etc...


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Reiki as it’s called Usui method of Natural Healing is now worldwide popular as Millions of people are benefitted from it.

Touch Healing - A Reiki healer goes in to a meditative state and put its hands on patient's body. Reiki flow starts penetrating the body. There are 24 points located all over the body. Reiki is passed for 3 minutes at each point, sometimes more or less as required. And following some other techniques, A reiki session can last up to 1.30 hours more or less.(500 INR/Session)
Distance Healing - A Reiki healer can send Reiki to anyone all over the world for any kind of physical/emotional/materialistic issues.(500 INR/Session)
Light Circle- At least three Reiki healers or more seat in a circle form and perform distance healing. (500\ INR/Session)
In our center, we are committed to provide quality service to our clients. Therefore, only two patients in a day are taken for reiki healing. So, book your appointment at the earliest.

How many sessions are required?
It differ from person to person. Initially, three days consecutive sessions are strictly advised. The results may be satisfactory or need to continue further as per on clients' age, condition, issues and recovering capability .Philosophically, It is said, "More Reiki is better than less Reiki and Some Reiki is better than No Reiki", So, even in odd condition one seating may be very helpful.
In addition, continuous 21 days Reiki seating is considered as a cleansing process or purification of body which enhances the benefits of Reiki for that person life long.

Work Experience
Our center is operating since 2015 initially in the name of Reiki Life Line and provides healing to hundreds of clients from different backgrounds, belonging to Asansol_Burdwan_Kolkata/Sealdah area. Due to covid, we understand our limitations. Therefore, in 2021, It's being relaunched under a new name which provides Reiki Healing and Learning only to the Bardhaman and its surrounding area and
What some of our clients have to say about our center? you may check out the following link; or our youtube channel: Swami Vishuddhananda Reiki Academy


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