Scientific Research on Reiki

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"In USA as per a survey in 2008, 60 Hospitals directly encourage their patients to take Reiki. 800 Hospitals are teaching Reiki to 30000 people every year including doctors,nurses,medical staffs and outsiders".

"Both Dr John Zimmerman (1990) in the USA and Seto (1992) in Japan, further investigated the large pulsating biomagnetic field that is emitted from the hands of energy practitioners whilst they work.They discovered that the pulses are in the same frequencies as brain waves, and sweep up and down from 0.3-30Hz, focusing mostly in 7-8 Hz, alpha state. Medical research has shown that this range of frequencies will stimulate healing in the body, with specific frequencies being suitable for different tissues". 

"After witnessing multiple cases of cancer remission associated with a healer who did hands-on energy work, researcher Krinsley D. Bengston apprenticed with him to learn how to reproduce the healing effect. Bengston obtained 5 experimental mice with mammary adenocarcinoma, which had a predicted 100% fatality between 14 and 27 days following injection. A skeptic, Bengston treated these mice for an hour a day for 30 days. The tumors developed a “blackened area,” then ulcerated, imploded and closed, and the mice lived their normal lifespan.In these three studies, 87.9% of the energy-treated mice lived, and 100% of the control group mice died". 

"Over a 5 year period, meditators consistently had fewer than half the number of doctor visits and days in hospital, compared with controls. Hospital admission rates for medical and surgical conditions were 60-70% less in the meditating group, with 87% less with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, 55% for tumors, 73% less for respiratory disorders, 87% less neurological problems and 30% less for infections". 

"After eight days, the treated group’s wounds had shrunk 93.5 percent compared with 67.3 percent for those not treated". 

"Anxiety levels dropped 17 percent after only five minutes treatment by trained practitioners"

And the list goes on....

Vishuddhananda Paramhansadev_Gandh Baba

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Swami Visuddhanada Paramhansadev(Gandh Baba)

Bholanath Chattopadhyay(Kashyap Gotra) was born at Bondul,a village in Bardhaman District,West Bengal,India on 13th March,1856.His father was shri Akhilchandra Chattopadhyay and Mother was shrimati Rajrajeswari Devi.In his childhood,Bholanath used to have great faith in god and super natural powers in built.A dog had bitten in his leg and he went to a relative’s house at Hooghly.The pain was very much that he went in to Ganges to suicide.There,he looked at a saint,performing some kriya and when ever the saint exceed his hand to the Ganges,waters came in to his hand itself.That saint stopped bholanath and completely cured him just by touching him and also prescribed a little medicine.Bholanath had that sense that he should demand something more valuable from that yogi.He wanted to be a disciple.that yogi consoled the he was not Bholanath’s Guru but, promised him to take away some other time to his master.Till then,That yogi gave a mantra and kriya to practice. 

Following some other incidents,after years,Bholanath met that yogi again at Dhaka when he was just 14 years old.That yogi took to him through air and reached a secret yogashram of highly qualified spiritual master,gyanganj.Later,Bholanath came to his name as Paramhansa Nimanand,a Bengali yogi aged about 500 years then.He took bholanath to his master,A great yogi Mahatapa about 1300 years old then.He initiated bholanath and named him as Visuddhanand.Gyanganj was like a dream land.Visuddhanandji had a tough training there and went through Brahmacharya(12 years),Dandi(4 years),Sannyasi(4 years),Tirthaswami(8 years) and after 23 years of continuous spiritual practice.He achieved Paramhansa title.

 Swamiji got married to Krishnabhamini Devi as per master’s direction when he was Visuddhananda Tirthaswami.At first,He stayed at Guskara for 30 years,earning money by astrology and homeopathy treatment.Later as per directions received from Gyanganj,Ashrams were estabilished at Bondul,Bardhaman,Puri,Varanasi and Kolkata.King of Jhalda,Raja Uddhab Singha Roy was a disciple of Swamiji,he built  an ashram at Jhalda and dedicated it to Swamiji.He had two sons and a daughter.Durgapada,Vishnupada and Bisweswari.Durgapada got married and had four sons,Manojmohon,Sarojmohon,Abanimohon and Sarosimohon.Visuddhanandji left his mortal body at kolkata ashram in 1937.

Few Incidents that I like most;

1.Once Swamiji was teaching his disciple,Upendranath Roy Chowdhury,a Police officer,

“Look upendra,the whole creation seems true,but its just an illusion of mind”

“Baba,I am watching you,is that an illusion”

“where I am?”..and Swamiji vanished.After some time he entered the room from out side.

“Upendra,Only focus on your practice,You will realize everything yourself”

Swamiji discussed that the philosophy of  hindu religion is unbeatable and to explain,he demonstrated many things,                                                                                                                           

2.In chandi,it is said that Brhamaji seated on the naval lotus of Bhawan Vishnu and Its true.Disciples asked,”How It can be possible?”

“Get a me some ganga water”

Baba laid down on the floor and with the ganga water,he was pushing to his naval side and the naval lotus came up and Lotus smell filled the atmosphere.

3.Mahamohopadhyay Jaganath Mishra came to visit swamiji at Benaras ashram.

“Baba,it is said that Lord Krishna has shown the whole universe to Ma Josoda in his mouth.Is that really possible? ”

Baba opened his mouth and asked Panditji to come closer,“now look in to my mouth”

Panditji saw mountains, seas forests and many for few minitues and the scene disappeared.

4.One day,Disciples were discussing about the battles as described in Ramayan,Mahabharata.Regarding this,Baba took a bamboo arrow and with some mantra he threw it to a tree near by.Fire suddenly caught there.Baba took another arrow and threw it to the same place and the fire disappeared.

 5.Bhusan babu,an old disciple came in to the ashram and thanked baba for saving his life.Last night,Bhusan babu was sleeping on bed and fallen down on the floor far from the bed and there were lotus aroma was filled in the air that meant baba had come.If Bhusan babu fallen down just beside the bed.The yoga danda would risked his life.

“Baba,How you saved bhusan babu’s life?he was sleeping and not asking for are on your,how it happened?”

“I am bound to save my disciple’s life.So,the guru shakti appeared at once and save Bhusan”

So,there were many incidents.Baba was very kind to his disciples.He often took away diseases from his disciples and suffered himself.His best achievement was to establish Ma Nabamundi Asan at Varanasi,Visuddhananda Kanan.He also did research works on Solar Science,Air Science,Star Science and used to demonstrate these in front of disciples.Baba left his disciples and grand sons to carry on this tradition and here my story begins when I met his grandson,Jethu,my Spiritual Master!!!


Gyanganj SIddhashram

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The Gyanganj Yogashram, with a perimeter of about 16 kilometres, is situated in the western region of Tibet, an upland in the Himalayas to the north of India, an upland in the Himalayas to the north of India. The ancient name of this Yogashram was “Indra Bhawan”.The ancient Ashram was renovated and restored to its prizing glory once again by Swami Gyananand Paramhasns, a disciple of Maharshi Mahatapa.Under his able administration and responsible management it started functioning properly once again under the new name of Gyanganj.All this renovation took place about seven hundred years earlier, i.e. say about 1225 A.D.

Gyanganj is an extra Ordinary spiritual training centre. The Brahmacharis, Brahmacharinis, Yogis and Paramhansas of this centre, after getting estabilished in the state of Aham-Brahmasmi roam about in the universe as, when and where they like.Yogiraj Shri Vishuddhanand had eulogized about the eminence of Gyanganj Yogashram any a time amongst his disciple.He had also described in brief at times about the supernatural experiences and power of the Yogis of this Ashram.It is some dream land beyond one’s imagination.

Reiki Second Degree Class

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Reiki  Second Degree (Two day Workshop, Online Class Fees: 6999 INR, 10% Rebate will be applied for Members)

Course Itinerary: 

First Day (9.30 AM- 5 PM )

1. Registration (Form Fill up, Fees to be paid in Cash to avoid any banking glitches)

2. Study Material Distribution

3. Welcome Speech

4. Meditation

5. Tea, Snacks

6. Introduction to each other

7. Reiki Theoretical Part Discussion

8. Attunements (Reiki Healing Power Given)

9. Lunch Break

10. Practice of Touch Reiki

11. Practice of Distance Reiki

12. Home Work

Second Day (9.30 AM- 4 PM )

1. Home Work Query

2. Meditation

3. Tea, Snacks

4. Discussion on Applying Distance Reiki

5. Healing Your Wishes with Reiki

6. Meditation to Channelize Enhanced Energy

7. Lunch

8. Brief Discussion and Applying other Healing Methods

9. Certification Ceremony

10. Tea, Snacks

Complementary Online Class: I have seen from my experience that students often forget and face doubts after few days. So, if any student insists, I would like to offer (free of cost) aprrox. two hours offline at my centre or online class where students can ask their doubts and get resolved their queries. Thus, I believe, a student achieves strong foundation on second degree reiki and we end course itenery here.

After second degreee, your Reiki learning is completed. I assure that you need not require to attend any course regarding Reiki Healing. All the Best!

My Reiki Certificates

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Reiki is a spiritual healing method. Once received attunement from a Reiki Master,"Chakras" are empowered to enabling the participants to transfer Reiki through their palms. Everyone can feel presence of Reiki flow through their palms and can heal themselves or others throughout their lives.

From a learner’s prospective, it’s the easiest thing one can learn, apply in day to day life and have numerous benefits.

But, for a teacher’s prospective, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Like, an M.B.B.S Doctor spends four and half years in studies and one year in internship. Like an MD Doctor also spends three years in studies, treating patients, taking classes, doing research works. Same way, In Traditional Reiki/ Original form of Reiki, A Reiki Master does the same job for years before being awarded as a Reiki Master.

I have worked hard for eight long years, spent approx 3.2 Lakhs of Rupees to be a Traditional Reiki Master, a Traditional Reiki Master Teacher and finally a Reiki Grand Master, setting up my Reiki Academy. Under the supervision of my Reiki Master, I have healed hundreds of patients, taken classes in my home town, Bardhaman and surroundings like Kolkata, Sealdah, Kalyani, Durgapur, Asansol. I purchased books from abroad, studied different online articles. I have followed other Reiki Masters of different styles like, Mr.Prahlad Chandra Pattanayak, Madabusi Subramaniam, Diana Stein, Tina Taylor and also accompanied Reiki Masters in our lineage on occasions to enrich myself, filling my bag of experience and still I am working on. I also completed two years “Bachelor in Alternative Medicine “from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. I learnt other healing methods Silva Mind Control, Buddhist meditation, Vipassana which further accelerates our natural healing capabilities. And above everything, I have practiced a lot daily for years to uplift my energy level to become a Reiki Master and then a Master Teacher.

My Reiki Master Lineage: Dr Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Mrs Hawayo Takata, Barbara Weber Ray, Maureen O Toole, Kate Nani, Paula Horan, Karl Everding, Barbara Szepan, P D Patel, P Dutta, A Kumar and myself.

My Reiki Master Teacher Lineage: Dr Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Mrs Hawayo Takata, Bethel Phaigh, Jonathon Young, Linda Anderson Brown, Tina Taylor and myself.

My Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Lineage: Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Furomoto, Claudia Hoffman, Joe Example, Mary Sample, Melissa Crowhurst and myself.

Above all these certificates, I think that Blessings of Baba Vishuddhananda, Gyanganj Siddhashram is unmatched to any certificate, beyond any recognition which I have as the most powerful backborne of my institute and my loving students will also going to embrace this divine grace in thier lives.

Well, That’s all for now. I believe in transparency. I hope, you would love to look at my certificates.. See you in class...

Reiki First Degree Class

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Reiki  First Degree (Two days Workshop, Registration Fees: 4999 INR)

Course Itinerary: 

First Day (9 AM- 5 PM )

1. Registration (Form Fill up, Fees to be paid in Cash to avoid any banking glitches)

2. Study Material Distribution

3. Reiki Introduction 

4. Why we do meditation?

5. Meditation 

6. Tea, Snacks

7. Introduction to each other

8. A brief on Baba Vishuddhananda (which makes our institute special)

9. History of Reiki

10. Two rules and five principles of Reiki

11. Cause of Disease; Aura, Chakra, Glands and Psychosomatic Disease

12. What is Attunement?_ Activating your Heart and Throat Chakra.

13. Attunement Ceremony (Reiki Healing Power Given)

14. Experience Sharing 

15. Lunch Break

16. Practice Self Healing; easy method_no strict rules

17. Partner Treatment (6-8 points)

18. Water Treatment

19. Home Work

20. Tea, Snacks 


Second Day (9 AM- 5 PM)

1. Home Work Query 

2. Meditation

3. Tea, Snacks

4. Spiraling, Stroking, Sweeping, Balancing 

5. Attunement_ Activating your Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

6. Sealing of the Attunement_ Reiki Power remains life long

7. Practice Self Healing

8. Practice Partner Treatment

9. Practice Group Treatment

10. Lunch Break

11. Reiki Healing: Acute, Chronic Disease

12. Short Treatment

13. Precautions in Reiki Healing

14. Reiki on pets, plants, in animated objects

15. 21 Days Cleansing of Body

16. Balancing your Chakras

17. Golden Ball Meditation

18. Science Research on Reiki

19. Economic Value of Reiki

20. Original Reiki; how to choose your master

21. A brief on Reiki Second Degree, Third Degree

22. Questions_ Answer Sessions

23. Light Circle for Protection

24. Acknowledgement of Gurus and Certification 

# After Reiki First Degree, you will be automatically awareded our membership Worth 2000 INR. WIth that you and your family members will be entitled to enjoy flat 10% OFF across all course and healing sessions for lifetime in our academy.

 # For these 2 days, Keep your timings flexible, Classes may continue longer depending on the number of students and question answer sessions.

# For evening classes, the same syllabus is covered and no food items served.

# Don't consume Alcohol or Non-veg food during your workshop. (Only for 2 days)
# Wear Loose fitting cloths, 
# Metal items (watch, chain etc.), Leather items (purse, belt) need to keep aside during class. These absorb energy.
# Keep your mobile on silent mode.
# Please Don't wear or bring any jewelry, valuable items, extra cash at venue.
# We believe in quality teaching. Therefore, Max. 8 students at Bardhaman Centre and 6 Students at Uttarpara Centre in a workshop can be enrolled. 

Wishing you all the Best with Love, Light and Reiki.
_Traditional Reiki Master Teacher Prof. Aniruddha Mukherjee.

Levels of Reiki

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Dear Student;
Since 2015, I am working with hundreds of patients, students and counting. Reiki has blessed their lives. You have to devote two days to get empowered with Reiki and this mystic gift will remain life long with you. It will transform you within and makes your life more blissful. Being a Traditional Reiki Master, I teach the most authentic and original form of Reiki as received from Guru_Sissa parampara. The energy transmission here is very high and pure. Even if you have learnt any kind of short cut Reiki available in market, those have no match with Traditional Reiki. Those Grand Masters come again to relearn Reiki in our lineage. You are fortunate that you have checked in right place. Welcome to the world of healing. May you and your loved ones enjoy health, wealth and prosperity!

                   ___Traditional Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher Prof. Aniruddha Mukherjee (Assistant Professor, ME Dept. at Camellia Institute of Technology and Management, Guest Faculty, BBA Dept. at St.Xaviers College) 

Reiki First Degree

You will be first time introduced with Reiki. After attunement, you will feel energy sensations in your hands, Your hands will be turned into Healing Hands, Reiki starts flowing out throught it. You will also learn about the hand positions. For which physical or mental issues, where to place your hands on your body or patient's body to channelize Reiki effectively and get better results.

Eligibility: Anyone from any age/religion/gender can learn Reiki. No educational qualification is required. Common sense to understand the basic things is enough.

Course Duration:  Consecutive Two days (9 am- 5pm)

Fees: 4999 INR including tiffin, lunch, snacks, books and certification at end.

Reiki Second Degree

You will get a powerful attunement and symbol mantras so that you can perform distance healing. You may then apply it for your studies, job, relationships, any wish fulfillment, materialistic needs, protection from negative vibes, physical or any emotinal issues of your loved one's who live far from you etc. Reiki second degree gives you unlimited capabilities and this will remain you life long. With this, your Reiki learning is completed. I can assure you that you are getting the Best. you never need to spend a single ruppee further or attend any other seminar when it's about Reiki.

Eligiblity: A First Degree from Original Reiki Lineage, must have completed 21 days self healing without any break.

Course Duration: One Day (8.30 am-6.30 pm) and an online class, scheduled later

Fees: 5999 INR including tiffin, lunch, snacks, manual and certification at end.

Reiki Thrid Degree or Mastership

It's not at all required for common people. In the second degree, all healing power is already given. It's for those who wants to take Reiki as its profession. A Reiki Master is who can teach Reiki First Degree & Second Degree.

Eligibility For Enrollment: Minimum 3 Months Old Reiki Second Degree, Performed Healing Sessions on 10 different persons, forms duly signed.

Enrollment Fees: 10000 INR (not refundable) as registration in beginning, Course Fees extra, taken in installments.

Course Duration: 3 to 5 Years more or less.

Course Structure: Attunements, Practice Teaching, Assisting in Class, Healing patients, Spreading Reiki in society. One need to work for years under the supervision of Reiki Master Teacher. And these experience combining builds a True Reiki Master who can then carry forward the same quality and standard of Reiki reecieved via Guru-Sissa Parampara.

Reiki Master Teacher

It's the advacnced and final level of Reiki Mastership. A Reiki Master Teacher is who trains Reiki Masters.

Reiki Grand Master

It's the highest award in the practice of Reiki.

Reiki Gallery 01

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Myself and Mrs. with our Reiki SirMy Parents with our Reiki Sir, also learnt Reiki.Reiki Master Students with Our Respected Sir

Reiki Family is big at our Annual MeetMrs attending Reiki Workshop

Once 56 Students attending Reiki WorkshopOnly One Student attending Reiki Workshop

On average 10-15 attends Reiki WorkshopReiki Workshop in a very simple arrangement.

Reiki can be learnt in any season.

  82 Years old student attending Reiki Workshop.Reiki Workshop and Meditation,Reiki Workshop.Reiki is equally beneficial for kids.Reiki Workshop.Mother and kids learning Reiki. Reiki Workshop.

Reiki Workshop.

Reiki: Q & A

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1. What is Reiki?
Rei means “Universe”, KI stands for “Life Force Energy”.
2. Where it comes from?
Mikao Usui  of Japan received divine empowerment to heal others. He named this as “Reiki”. It flows from master to disciple through lineage.
3. What it can do?
It brings our body’s energy system in balance from imbalance, thus promotes healing for any physical or mental disease.
4. For which diseases it is effective?
It can be used for any issue. It doesn’t work on the disease, rather on the cause of disease.
5. How long it takes to cure?
Generally, offered 5 to 10 sessions. But, it may take longer or even healed in one session within few minutes where medical science has no answer.
6. How diagnosis is done in Reiki?
Reiki has self intellect what to do, where to do, how much to do. Body absorbs Reiki as much as required through a Reiki Chanel from the cosmos.
7.Is it recognized by Medical Council of India?
8.How it has come to medical practice?
Reiki has been practiced worldwide. In developed countries,  Reiki has been adopted as a good support in modern medical treatment.
Like in America_
Hartford Hospital, Brigham And Women’s Hospital, Nashua Hospital, Emerson Hospital, North Shore Medical Center Hospital, USA
In Europe-
Southampton University Hospitals NHS, Aintree University Hospitals NHS, Liverpool, Wallace Cancer Care (works with Addenbrooke’s Hospital-Cambridge University Hospitals NHS), South Tees Hospitals NHS, Middlesbrough, Newham University Hospital NHS, London, Intergrative Medicine and Digestive Center, MaryLand, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, St Teresa’s Hospice and many more.
In India though it is not legally framed, patient party often approach Reiki healers to treat their patients at hospitals during visiting hours or in distance mode and discover faster recovery, better results.
9. What if happens, I take one session, can't continue it?
Reiki is a spiritual healing, even 5 minutes of Reiki given, it's never left the patient empty handed. It's something beyond human's understanding.

Ma Narmada Parikrama

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Ma Narmada

Narmada is considered among the Holi rivers of India. It starts from Amarnath Hills at Chattisgarh, covering a distance of approx 1315 kilometers through Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat and flows upto the Arabian sea at the Gulf of Cambay. Narmada is also known by Ma Rewa.According to Ramayan, MahaBharat, Narmada Khanda, Rewa Khanda, Markenadaya Puran, Skanda Puran etc where Ma Narmada is very ancient and given more priority than Ma Ganga.Where one have to take bath in to Ma Ganges and becomes purified from all their sins, the same blessing one received only by a vision of Ma Narmada. Even It does not only purify, It leads one to Moksha,It can bestow the supreme blessings of attaining materialistic things as well as yogic powers. As Ma Narmada is described as the daughter of Lord Shiva. Natural Shiva lingams are only found in Narmada River. Since Thousand years, Yogi, Saints and Rishis have performed their spiritual practice at the banks of Ma Narmada and They have watched the divine form of Ma Narmada. They have succeeded in the journey of self realization and shared those experiences with Common people.

Ma Narmada Parikrama

Mahashi Markandaya has first introduced about Ma Narmada Parikrama and its credentials.
Parikrama means starting from a point, making a circumference around Ma Narmada and getting back to the same point. It covers around a distance of 3000kms more or less. Although there are different types of Parikrama of their own significance like Hanumant Parikrama, Runda Parikrama, Jalehari Parikrama etc.
General Rules to be maintained
1.Always keep reciting the name “Rewa”.
2.Always keep eyes on Ma Narmada
3.Narmada River cannot be crossed except at Amarkantak and Arabian Sea.
4.Walking by bare feet, carrying luggage by its own.
5.One cannot shave.oil, soaps cannot be used.
6.If there is any Shiva Temple on the way, Worshipping it with proper rituals.
7.One cannot stock foods more than a day’s requirement.
8.One has to be truthful, maintaining celibacy and good attitude with others.
9.Always depending on Ma Narmada and don’t take deep bath in it.
10.Everyday,performing Puja,Arati of Ma Narmada.
Now a days,Many pilgrims perform Narmada Parikrama by Car or Bus due to shortage of time.As It is better to do something than nothing.

Aniruddha Performed Narmada Parikrama in 2015 (From Diary)

I got my inspiration from a book,Tapabhumi Narmada by Sailendra Ghoshal Sastri since 2006 and started visiting Ma Narmada in 2008,2010 and have a great pleasure,though I discovered too much difference from the book as incidents described and the narmada at present.but,all along i wished a lot for Narmade Parikrama and now it is done;
On 19th March,2015 I reached Amarkantak,taken oath for parikrama on 21 th March,beginning of Navaratri,traveled aprox 1100km by bus,1630km by train,25km by walking beside the banks of ma narmada in my way and finished on 29 th March,2015,Last of Navaratri.During parikrama one have to carry ma narmada photo n water,worship these everyday..I left Amarkantak on 30th and came back home,Bardhaman on 31th March,2015..
21/3/2015:taken oath for parikrama and started walking beside the right banks,reached rita ma r ashram around 1.5kms,stayed at night.
22/3/2015,journey started around 8.30am;aprox 2kms walking through forest and 7kms by car,from kabir chabutara,i got in to a bus to dindori(aprox 90km)_taken another bus to devgaon(aprox 110km)_walking 2kms,crossed buriganga river_walked 7kms through forests,mountains and villages_taken another bus to ramnagar (aprox 15kms)_taken another bus to Maharajpur(aprox 30kms)_reached there around 7.30pm_stayed at hotel.
23/3/2015:walked 3kms for bus stand_Laxadoan_taken another bus to Narsingpur(total aprox 174kms);reached there at 4pm_boarded on a train to khandwah at 6pm from Narsinghpur station.
24/3/2015:reached khandwah at 1.30am(aprox 520kms)_taken bus to Mortokka_another bus to Omkareshwar(90km)_stayed at Omkarnath math for two nights and got busy in my works.
26/3/2015:left omkareswar at 6.15am_walked 3kms to bus stand to Sanawad_another bus to Khargoan_another bus to Barwan(total aprox 193kms)i_reached at 1.30pm,_taken another bus to Khetia,crossed Madhya pradesh border,entered at Maharashtra_another bus to sahada_another bus to Prakasha(total 162kms),reached there at 7.40pm..but,the place was not,i went back to sahada (aprox 10kms) by standing on a tempo_stayed at Jain Plaza Hotel,Sahada..
27/3/2015:10.30am,i started by bus to rajpipala(aprox 133kms)_here i crossed ma narmada,reba sangam 130kms far from here and moved to the left bank,tilakwara from there,rebasangam is 170kms far away_on the way,i dropped some water in ma narmada river_continued travelling to 70kms more_reached Vadodara,Gujrat at 5.30pm_boarded on a train at 9pm from vadodara station to Bhopal
28/3/2015:travelled aprox (620kms)_reached bhopal at 8.40am_taken another train at 3.40pm to Pendra road.
29/3/2015:travelled aprox(580kms)_reached pendra road at 3.30am_by local bus travelled around 40kms and reached Amarkantak by 5.20am_around 8am,I did puja in my own at Ma Narmada temple complex where i have started my parikrama_Hari Om!!!

While travelling by train from Bhopal to Amarkantak,i doubt that I may have crossed Narmada river,well,I dont care..I have no expectations from Ma Narmada,just got fulfilled my desire in my own way,spent few days on roads quite restless without proper food for the name of Ma Narmada(Reba) and thats all_I have seen scenic beauty,various people,living in different life style_they may be very poor,but certainly have a big heart in service to humanity and guests with deep spiritual faith in Ma Narmada without any expections_I would like to thank from the deep core of my heart to Nilu Maharaj,head priest of Ma Narmada temple,Amarkantak,Krishnendu Bhattacharya,Swapan Chakraborty,Manasjit Dutta,Subir Majumdar,Rita Ma(Amarkantak)Suprakash Maharaj(Amarkantak),V.k.Dubey(Maharajpur),Sarda Gop(Maharajpur)and also my beloved friends Anurup Sarkar,Dipankar Das,Debapam Kundu,Souradeep Guha,Amit Bhattacharya for their emotional support during the parikrama_Lastly,if i was wrong anywhere during the journey..still,ma narmada would keep loving me for sure_Myself being at Bardhaman is not a factor_Narmade Har!!!

Narmada Parikrama of Aniruddha’s Parents in 2017 (From Diary)

It is our son,Aniruddha who keep inspiring about Ma Narmada Parikrama and make all arrangements for us to enjoy this divine journey.The Secretary,Mr D.C.Thakur from South Kolkata Mountain Lovers Association has planned this tour.
01/02/2017-It was Saraswati Puja at Bardhaman.
02/02/2017-We boarded our train Mumbai Mail via Allahabad at 23.10 hours with a group of 24 people from Bardhaman.
03/02/2017-Train was late. We reached Jabalpur at 22.00 hours and had a night stay there at Hotel Shivalik.
04/02/2017-We visited Marbel Rocks and Bhira Ghat. Our bus started for Omkareshwar at 17.00 hours. Dinner served at 21.00 hours. We did not enjoy these spicy food.
05/02/2017- We have our first meal at 15.00 hours at Omkareshwar, Sharing our room with other three pilgrims. We visited Barfani Dadaji Ashram and Omkareshwar Yotirlingam Temple in the evening, performed puja there.
06/02/2017-In the morning, We went to Goghat, did Sankalpa Puja for Narmada Parikrama, visited Mameleshwar Yotirlingam Temple.We started for Badwani at 13.00 hours. We could stay at the tent. Therefore, slept at Bus that night.
07/02/2017-We visited many temples there like Shiva Parvati Temple, Radha Krishna Temple, Rinmukto Shiva Temple etc. We reached prakasha at 17.00 hours, visited Kedereshwar Temple, AnnaPurna Temple.
08/02/2017-We started at 7am.On the way, We visited Rama Temple, Hanuman Temple, Shiva Temple, Rama Kunda, Bulbula Kunda. We reached Bimaleshwar and had to stay at the Bus that night.
09/02/2017-After waiting since morning, Our Boat started at 14.00 hours to cross Ma Narmada across Arabian Sea. After three hours hectic journey, finally we had our night stay at Nilkanteshwar Shiva Temple where 52 pilgrims had to sleep in a Hall.
10/02/2017-From Bharuch, We started for Darkorji, visited the famous Sri Krishna Temple there and others.
11/02/2017-We took our regular bath at Narmada in the morning,after puja and visiting some temples, We continued our journey to Maheshwar.
12/02/2017-We visited Rani Ahalyabai Fort, In another temple,Akhanda Sitaram is being chanted. We reached Nemawar at 10 pm.
13/02/2017-We visited a Sati Peeth at Sultanpur. We reached Jabalpur at 1am nighttime. We had to sleep at a long balcony with other pilgrims.
14/02/2017-Routine were the same as like previous days.We reached Amarkantak at 10 pm.
15/02/2017-We visited Mai Ki Bagiya,Narmada Uddgam, Sonmuda, Shree Yantra Temple and Pataleshwar Shiva Temple. We made our night halt at Maharajpur.
16/02/2017-Today,We had begged food items from three house holders. We reached Yoteshwar, met Jagatguru Sankaracharya Swarupanandaji, visited their ashram and Tripurasundari Temple.
17/02/2017-We had night halt at Hosangabad.
18/02/2017-We visited Dada Dhoni Ashram, finally reached Omkareshwar at night.
19/02/2017-We completed our Sankalpa Puja at Gomukh Ghat. Then, worshipped at Omkareshwar Temple and Mameleshwar Temple. We continued our journey and arrived Ujjain.
20/02/2017-We had to arrange permits for Bhasmarati.
21/02/2017-We enjoyed Bhasmarati at Mahakal Temple. Then, we made a city tour.We boarded our train, Shipra Express.
22/02/2017-All day train journey
23/02/2017-We came back home, Bardhaman in the morning.

It was a group of 52 pilgrims where we had many good experience or bad as well. All time Bhajan Kirtan during bus journey or visiting temples rest time, Sharing different food items with each other, In other side, We are senior citizens, provided only two times north Indian meal a day, 300 kms more or less all day long bus journey, Bathing ghats were dirty in some places, hot during day time, cold at night, even night halt arrangements were not good, still we managed day after day as Narmada Parikrama is not a pleasure trip. It is a  Tapassya_Tap Saha_like to take the pain for something good.And that good would be for our ancestors,our family members and our grand children and so on. We thanked to divine for giving us the opportunity to be with it.Narmade Har!!!
as recollected by Mr Debaprasad Mukherjee and Mrs Arati Mukherjee.

 Narmada Parikrama Is Just A Matter Of Faith Or Real Boon

Mountains, Forests and Rivers are the best place for sadhus to meditate and perform their spiritual practice. Since thousand years, The banks of Ma Narmada are enriched with lots of spiritual seekers. So, the whole atmosphere is highly charged that helps the new comers to get in to deep at ease. There are many ashrams or institutions where one can learn many new things, clear their doubts for their spiritual progress. When a devotee watch other devotees doing hard practice, It motivates to perform better.
For a new comer, it is good to visit spiritual places. But, for a mature mind who has already received a direction from an enlightened Guru. It need not to go anywhere or meet any other spiritual face. Rather  It may distract from its regular practice and achieving its goal. In exceptional cases, Guru may direct its disciple to stay at some place for a period of time at some certain phase of spiritual practice.
Narmade Har!!!