Gyanganj SIddhashram


The Gyanganj Yogashram, with a perimeter of about 16 kilometres, is situated in the western region of Tibet, an upland in the Himalayas to the north of India, an upland in the Himalayas to the north of India. The ancient name of this Yogashram was “Indra Bhawan”.The ancient Ashram was renovated and restored to its prizing glory once again by Swami Gyananand Paramhasns, a disciple of Maharshi Mahatapa.Under his able administration and responsible management it started functioning properly once again under the new name of Gyanganj.All this renovation took place about seven hundred years earlier, i.e. say about 1225 A.D.

Gyanganj is an extra Ordinary spiritual training centre. The Brahmacharis, Brahmacharinis, Yogis and Paramhansas of this centre, after getting estabilished in the state of Aham-Brahmasmi roam about in the universe as, when and where they like.Yogiraj Shri Vishuddhanand had eulogized about the eminence of Gyanganj Yogashram any a time amongst his disciple.He had also described in brief at times about the supernatural experiences and power of the Yogis of this Ashram.It is some dream land beyond one’s imagination.


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