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Swami Visuddhanada Paramhansadev(Gandh Baba)

Bholanath Chattopadhyay(Kashyap Gotra) was born at Bondul,a village in Bardhaman District,West Bengal,India on 13th March,1856.His father was shri Akhilchandra Chattopadhyay and Mother was shrimati Rajrajeswari Devi.In his childhood,Bholanath used to have great faith in god and super natural powers in built.A dog had bitten in his leg and he went to a relative’s house at Hooghly.The pain was very much that he went in to Ganges to suicide.There,he looked at a saint,performing some kriya and when ever the saint exceed his hand to the Ganges,waters came in to his hand itself.That saint stopped bholanath and completely cured him just by touching him and also prescribed a little medicine.Bholanath had that sense that he should demand something more valuable from that yogi.He wanted to be a disciple.that yogi consoled the he was not Bholanath’s Guru but, promised him to take away some other time to his master.Till then,That yogi gave a mantra and kriya to practice. 

Following some other incidents,after years,Bholanath met that yogi again at Dhaka when he was just 14 years old.That yogi took to him through air and reached a secret yogashram of highly qualified spiritual master,gyanganj.Later,Bholanath came to his name as Paramhansa Nimanand,a Bengali yogi aged about 500 years then.He took bholanath to his master,A great yogi Mahatapa about 1300 years old then.He initiated bholanath and named him as Visuddhanand.Gyanganj was like a dream land.Visuddhanandji had a tough training there and went through Brahmacharya(12 years),Dandi(4 years),Sannyasi(4 years),Tirthaswami(8 years) and after 23 years of continuous spiritual practice.He achieved Paramhansa title.

 Swamiji got married to Krishnabhamini Devi as per master’s direction when he was Visuddhananda Tirthaswami.At first,He stayed at Guskara for 30 years,earning money by astrology and homeopathy treatment.Later as per directions received from Gyanganj,Ashrams were estabilished at Bondul,Bardhaman,Puri,Varanasi and Kolkata.King of Jhalda,Raja Uddhab Singha Roy was a disciple of Swamiji,he built  an ashram at Jhalda and dedicated it to Swamiji.He had two sons and a daughter.Durgapada,Vishnupada and Bisweswari.Durgapada got married and had four sons,Manojmohon,Sarojmohon,Abanimohon and Sarosimohon.Visuddhanandji left his mortal body at kolkata ashram in 1937.

Few Incidents that I like most;

1.Once Swamiji was teaching his disciple,Upendranath Roy Chowdhury,a Police officer,

“Look upendra,the whole creation seems true,but its just an illusion of mind”

“Baba,I am watching you,is that an illusion”

“where I am?”..and Swamiji vanished.After some time he entered the room from out side.

“Upendra,Only focus on your practice,You will realize everything yourself”

Swamiji discussed that the philosophy of  hindu religion is unbeatable and to explain,he demonstrated many things,                                                                                                                           

2.In chandi,it is said that Brhamaji seated on the naval lotus of Bhawan Vishnu and Its true.Disciples asked,”How It can be possible?”

“Get a me some ganga water”

Baba laid down on the floor and with the ganga water,he was pushing to his naval side and the naval lotus came up and Lotus smell filled the atmosphere.

3.Mahamohopadhyay Jaganath Mishra came to visit swamiji at Benaras ashram.

“Baba,it is said that Lord Krishna has shown the whole universe to Ma Josoda in his mouth.Is that really possible? ”

Baba opened his mouth and asked Panditji to come closer,“now look in to my mouth”

Panditji saw mountains, seas forests and many for few minitues and the scene disappeared.

4.One day,Disciples were discussing about the battles as described in Ramayan,Mahabharata.Regarding this,Baba took a bamboo arrow and with some mantra he threw it to a tree near by.Fire suddenly caught there.Baba took another arrow and threw it to the same place and the fire disappeared.

 5.Bhusan babu,an old disciple came in to the ashram and thanked baba for saving his life.Last night,Bhusan babu was sleeping on bed and fallen down on the floor far from the bed and there were lotus aroma was filled in the air that meant baba had come.If Bhusan babu fallen down just beside the bed.The yoga danda would risked his life.

“Baba,How you saved bhusan babu’s life?he was sleeping and not asking for are on your,how it happened?”

“I am bound to save my disciple’s life.So,the guru shakti appeared at once and save Bhusan”

So,there were many incidents.Baba was very kind to his disciples.He often took away diseases from his disciples and suffered himself.His best achievement was to establish Ma Nabamundi Asan at Varanasi,Visuddhananda Kanan.He also did research works on Solar Science,Air Science,Star Science and used to demonstrate these in front of disciples.Baba left his disciples and grand sons to carry on this tradition and here my story begins when I met his grandson,Jethu,my Spiritual Master!!!



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