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Swami Vishuddhananda Reiki Academy

Dear Student;
Since 2015, I am working with hundreds of patients, students and counting. Reiki has blessed their lives. You have to devote two days to get empowered with Reiki and this mystic gift will remain life long with you. It will transform you within and makes your life more blissful. Being a Traditional Reiki Master, I teach the most authentic and original form of Reiki as received from Guru_Sissa parampara. The energy transmission here is very high and pure. Even if you have learnt any kind of short cut Reiki available in market, those have no match with Traditional Reiki. Those Grand Masters come again to relearn Reiki in our lineage. You are fortunate that you have checked in right place. Welcome to the world of healing. May you and your loved ones enjoy health, wealth and prosperity!

Upcoming Reiki Workshop  

Reiki First Degree & Meditation:
25th June-26th June  (Uttarpara, Kolkata)
2nd July-3rd July (Bardhaman)
9th July-10th July (Uttarpara, Kolkata) 
16th July-17th July (Bardhaman)
23rd July-24th July (Uttarpara)

I need to prepare study notes to be delivered in class and book caterer for lunch in advance. Enroll yourself @ 9153121342 (WhatsApp Massage) as early as possible and try not to fail in your commitments.

Reiki Second Degree class schedule will be announced later.

Reiki  First Degree (Two days Workshop, Fees: 5000 INR)
Course Itinerary: 
First Day (9 AM- 5 PM )
1. Registration (Form Fill up, Fees to be paid by Cash to avoid any banking glitches)
2. Study Material Distribution
3. Welcome Speech
4. Meditation
5. Tea, Snacks
6. Introduction to each other
7. Reiki Theoretical Part Discussion
8. Attunements (Reiki Healing Power Given)
9. Lunch Break
10. Practical Reiki Begins
11. Discussion, Home Work
12. Tea, Snacks
Second Day (9 AM- 5 PM)
1. Discussion
2. Meditation
3. Tea, Snacks
4. Practical Reiki & Attunement 
5. Lunch 
6. Discussion (Application of Reiki etc.)
7. Partner Healing
8. Group Healing
9. Question & Answer Session
10. Chakra Balancing
11. Meditation
12. Light Circle (Distance Reiki to Your Loved Ones)
13. Certification Ceremony
14. Tea, Snacks

# For these 2 days, Keep your timings flexible, Classes may continue longer depending on the number of students and question answer sessions.
# Don't consume Alcohol or Non-veg food during your workshop. (Only for 2 days)
# Wear Loose fitting cloths, 
# Metal items (watch, chain etc.), Leather items (purse, belt) need to keep aside during class. These absorb energy.
# Keep your mobile on silent mode.
# Please Don't wear or bring any jewelry, valuable items, extra cash at venue.
# We believe in quality teaching. Therefore, Max. 10 students at Bardhaman Centre and 5 Students at Uttarpara Centre in a workshop can be enrolled. 
Thanks for your kind co operation.

Reiki Second Degree (One day Workshop 5000 INR)

Details will be updated, once the class schedule is announced.


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