Levels of Reiki

Dear Student;
Since 2015, I am working with hundreds of patients, students and counting. Reiki has blessed their lives. You have to devote two days to get empowered with Reiki and this mystic gift will remain life long with you. It will transform you within and makes your life more blissful. Being a Traditional Reiki Master, I teach the most authentic and original form of Reiki as received from Guru_Sissa parampara. The energy transmission here is very high and pure. Even if you have learnt any kind of short cut Reiki available in market, those have no match with Traditional Reiki. Those Grand Masters come again to relearn Reiki in our lineage. You are fortunate that you have checked in right place. Welcome to the world of healing. May you and your loved ones enjoy health, wealth and prosperity!

                   ___Traditional Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher Prof. Aniruddha Mukherjee (Assistant Professor, ME Dept. at Camellia Institute of Technology and Management, Guest Faculty, BBA Dept. at St.Xaviers College) 

Reiki First Degree

You will be first time introduced with Reiki. After attunement, you will feel energy sensations in your hands, Your hands will be turned into Healing Hands, Reiki starts flowing out throught it. You will also learn about the hand positions. For which physical or mental issues, where to place your hands on your body or patient's body to channelize Reiki effectively and get better results.

Eligibility: Anyone from any age/religion/gender can learn Reiki. No educational qualification is required. Common sense to understand the basic things is enough.

Course Duration:  Consecutive Two days (9 am- 5pm)

Fees: 4999 INR including tiffin, lunch, snacks, books and certification at end.

Reiki Second Degree

You will get a powerful attunement and symbol mantras so that you can perform distance healing. You may then apply it for your studies, job, relationships, any wish fulfillment, materialistic needs, protection from negative vibes, physical or any emotinal issues of your loved one's who live far from you etc. Reiki second degree gives you unlimited capabilities and this will remain you life long. With this, your Reiki learning is completed. I can assure you that you are getting the Best. you never need to spend a single ruppee further or attend any other seminar when it's about Reiki.

Eligiblity: A First Degree from Original Reiki Lineage, must have completed 21 days self healing without any break.

Course Duration: One Day (8.30 am-6.30 pm) and an online class, scheduled later

Fees: 5999 INR including tiffin, lunch, snacks, manual and certification at end.

Reiki Thrid Degree or Mastership

It's not at all required for common people. In the second degree, all healing power is already given. It's for those who wants to take Reiki as its profession. A Reiki Master is who can teach Reiki First Degree & Second Degree.

Eligibility For Enrollment: Minimum 3 Months Old Reiki Second Degree, Performed Healing Sessions on 10 different persons, forms duly signed.

Enrollment Fees: 10000 INR (not refundable) as registration in beginning, Course Fees extra, taken in installments.

Course Duration: 3 to 5 Years more or less.

Course Structure: Attunements, Practice Teaching, Assisting in Class, Healing patients, Spreading Reiki in society. One need to work for years under the supervision of Reiki Master Teacher. And these experience combining builds a True Reiki Master who can then carry forward the same quality and standard of Reiki reecieved via Guru-Sissa Parampara.

Reiki Master Teacher

It's the advacnced and final level of Reiki Mastership. A Reiki Master Teacher is who trains Reiki Masters.

Reiki Grand Master

It's the highest award in the practice of Reiki.


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