Reiki First Degree Class



Reiki  First Degree (Two days Workshop, Registration Fees: 4999 INR)

Course Itinerary: 

First Day (9 AM- 5 PM )

1. Registration (Form Fill up, Fees to be paid in Cash to avoid any banking glitches)

2. Study Material Distribution

3. Reiki Introduction 

4. Why we do meditation?

5. Meditation 

6. Tea, Snacks

7. Introduction to each other

8. A brief on Baba Vishuddhananda (which makes our institute special)

9. History of Reiki

10. Two rules and five principles of Reiki

11. Cause of Disease; Aura, Chakra, Glands and Psychosomatic Disease

12. What is Attunement?_ Activating your Heart and Throat Chakra.

13. Attunement Ceremony (Reiki Healing Power Given)

14. Experience Sharing 

15. Lunch Break

16. Practice Self Healing; easy method_no strict rules

17. Partner Treatment (6-8 points)

18. Water Treatment

19. Home Work

20. Tea, Snacks 


Second Day (9 AM- 5 PM)

1. Home Work Query 

2. Meditation

3. Tea, Snacks

4. Spiraling, Stroking, Sweeping, Balancing 

5. Attunement_ Activating your Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

6. Sealing of the Attunement_ Reiki Power remains life long

7. Practice Self Healing

8. Practice Partner Treatment

9. Practice Group Treatment

10. Lunch Break

11. Reiki Healing: Acute, Chronic Disease

12. Short Treatment

13. Precautions in Reiki Healing

14. Reiki on pets, plants, in animated objects

15. 21 Days Cleansing of Body

16. Balancing your Chakras

17. Golden Ball Meditation

18. Science Research on Reiki

19. Economic Value of Reiki

20. Original Reiki; how to choose your master

21. A brief on Reiki Second Degree, Third Degree

22. Questions_ Answer Sessions

23. Light Circle for Protection

24. Acknowledgement of Gurus and Certification 

# After Reiki First Degree, you will be automatically awareded our membership Worth 2000 INR. WIth that you and your family members will be entitled to enjoy flat 10% OFF across all course and healing sessions for lifetime in our academy.

 # For these 2 days, Keep your timings flexible, Classes may continue longer depending on the number of students and question answer sessions.

# For evening classes, the same syllabus is covered and no food items served.

# Don't consume Alcohol or Non-veg food during your workshop. (Only for 2 days)
# Wear Loose fitting cloths, 
# Metal items (watch, chain etc.), Leather items (purse, belt) need to keep aside during class. These absorb energy.
# Keep your mobile on silent mode.
# Please Don't wear or bring any jewelry, valuable items, extra cash at venue.
# We believe in quality teaching. Therefore, Max. 8 students at Bardhaman Centre and 6 Students at Uttarpara Centre in a workshop can be enrolled. 

Wishing you all the Best with Love, Light and Reiki.
_Traditional Reiki Master Teacher Prof. Aniruddha Mukherjee.


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