Ma Narmada Parikrama

Ma Narmada

Narmada is considered among the Holi rivers of India. It starts from Amarnath Hills at Chattisgarh, covering a distance of approx 1315 kilometers through Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat and flows upto the Arabian sea at the Gulf of Cambay. Narmada is also known by Ma Rewa.According to Ramayan, MahaBharat, Narmada Khanda, Rewa Khanda, Markenadaya Puran, Skanda Puran etc where Ma Narmada is very ancient and given more priority than Ma Ganga.Where one have to take bath in to Ma Ganges and becomes purified from all their sins, the same blessing one received only by a vision of Ma Narmada. Even It does not only purify, It leads one to Moksha,It can bestow the supreme blessings of attaining materialistic things as well as yogic powers. As Ma Narmada is described as the daughter of Lord Shiva. Natural Shiva lingams are only found in Narmada River. Since Thousand years, Yogi, Saints and Rishis have performed their spiritual practice at the banks of Ma Narmada and They have watched the divine form of Ma Narmada. They have succeeded in the journey of self realization and shared those experiences with Common people.

Ma Narmada Parikrama

Mahashi Markandaya has first introduced about Ma Narmada Parikrama and its credentials.
Parikrama means starting from a point, making a circumference around Ma Narmada and getting back to the same point. It covers around a distance of 3000kms more or less. Although there are different types of Parikrama of their own significance like Hanumant Parikrama, Runda Parikrama, Jalehari Parikrama etc.
General Rules to be maintained
1.Always keep reciting the name “Rewa”.
2.Always keep eyes on Ma Narmada
3.Narmada River cannot be crossed except at Amarkantak and Arabian Sea.
4.Walking by bare feet, carrying luggage by its own.
5.One cannot shave.oil, soaps cannot be used.
6.If there is any Shiva Temple on the way, Worshipping it with proper rituals.
7.One cannot stock foods more than a day’s requirement.
8.One has to be truthful, maintaining celibacy and good attitude with others.
9.Always depending on Ma Narmada and don’t take deep bath in it.
10.Everyday,performing Puja,Arati of Ma Narmada.
Now a days,Many pilgrims perform Narmada Parikrama by Car or Bus due to shortage of time.As It is better to do something than nothing.

Aniruddha Performed Narmada Parikrama in 2015 (From Diary)

I got my inspiration from a book,Tapabhumi Narmada by Sailendra Ghoshal Sastri since 2006 and started visiting Ma Narmada in 2008,2010 and have a great pleasure,though I discovered too much difference from the book as incidents described and the narmada at present.but,all along i wished a lot for Narmade Parikrama and now it is done;
On 19th March,2015 I reached Amarkantak,taken oath for parikrama on 21 th March,beginning of Navaratri,traveled aprox 1100km by bus,1630km by train,25km by walking beside the banks of ma narmada in my way and finished on 29 th March,2015,Last of Navaratri.During parikrama one have to carry ma narmada photo n water,worship these everyday..I left Amarkantak on 30th and came back home,Bardhaman on 31th March,2015..
21/3/2015:taken oath for parikrama and started walking beside the right banks,reached rita ma r ashram around 1.5kms,stayed at night.
22/3/2015,journey started around 8.30am;aprox 2kms walking through forest and 7kms by car,from kabir chabutara,i got in to a bus to dindori(aprox 90km)_taken another bus to devgaon(aprox 110km)_walking 2kms,crossed buriganga river_walked 7kms through forests,mountains and villages_taken another bus to ramnagar (aprox 15kms)_taken another bus to Maharajpur(aprox 30kms)_reached there around 7.30pm_stayed at hotel.
23/3/2015:walked 3kms for bus stand_Laxadoan_taken another bus to Narsingpur(total aprox 174kms);reached there at 4pm_boarded on a train to khandwah at 6pm from Narsinghpur station.
24/3/2015:reached khandwah at 1.30am(aprox 520kms)_taken bus to Mortokka_another bus to Omkareshwar(90km)_stayed at Omkarnath math for two nights and got busy in my works.
26/3/2015:left omkareswar at 6.15am_walked 3kms to bus stand to Sanawad_another bus to Khargoan_another bus to Barwan(total aprox 193kms)i_reached at 1.30pm,_taken another bus to Khetia,crossed Madhya pradesh border,entered at Maharashtra_another bus to sahada_another bus to Prakasha(total 162kms),reached there at 7.40pm..but,the place was not,i went back to sahada (aprox 10kms) by standing on a tempo_stayed at Jain Plaza Hotel,Sahada..
27/3/2015:10.30am,i started by bus to rajpipala(aprox 133kms)_here i crossed ma narmada,reba sangam 130kms far from here and moved to the left bank,tilakwara from there,rebasangam is 170kms far away_on the way,i dropped some water in ma narmada river_continued travelling to 70kms more_reached Vadodara,Gujrat at 5.30pm_boarded on a train at 9pm from vadodara station to Bhopal
28/3/2015:travelled aprox (620kms)_reached bhopal at 8.40am_taken another train at 3.40pm to Pendra road.
29/3/2015:travelled aprox(580kms)_reached pendra road at 3.30am_by local bus travelled around 40kms and reached Amarkantak by 5.20am_around 8am,I did puja in my own at Ma Narmada temple complex where i have started my parikrama_Hari Om!!!

While travelling by train from Bhopal to Amarkantak,i doubt that I may have crossed Narmada river,well,I dont care..I have no expectations from Ma Narmada,just got fulfilled my desire in my own way,spent few days on roads quite restless without proper food for the name of Ma Narmada(Reba) and thats all_I have seen scenic beauty,various people,living in different life style_they may be very poor,but certainly have a big heart in service to humanity and guests with deep spiritual faith in Ma Narmada without any expections_I would like to thank from the deep core of my heart to Nilu Maharaj,head priest of Ma Narmada temple,Amarkantak,Krishnendu Bhattacharya,Swapan Chakraborty,Manasjit Dutta,Subir Majumdar,Rita Ma(Amarkantak)Suprakash Maharaj(Amarkantak),V.k.Dubey(Maharajpur),Sarda Gop(Maharajpur)and also my beloved friends Anurup Sarkar,Dipankar Das,Debapam Kundu,Souradeep Guha,Amit Bhattacharya for their emotional support during the parikrama_Lastly,if i was wrong anywhere during the journey..still,ma narmada would keep loving me for sure_Myself being at Bardhaman is not a factor_Narmade Har!!!

Narmada Parikrama of Aniruddha’s Parents in 2017 (From Diary)

It is our son,Aniruddha who keep inspiring about Ma Narmada Parikrama and make all arrangements for us to enjoy this divine journey.The Secretary,Mr D.C.Thakur from South Kolkata Mountain Lovers Association has planned this tour.
01/02/2017-It was Saraswati Puja at Bardhaman.
02/02/2017-We boarded our train Mumbai Mail via Allahabad at 23.10 hours with a group of 24 people from Bardhaman.
03/02/2017-Train was late. We reached Jabalpur at 22.00 hours and had a night stay there at Hotel Shivalik.
04/02/2017-We visited Marbel Rocks and Bhira Ghat. Our bus started for Omkareshwar at 17.00 hours. Dinner served at 21.00 hours. We did not enjoy these spicy food.
05/02/2017- We have our first meal at 15.00 hours at Omkareshwar, Sharing our room with other three pilgrims. We visited Barfani Dadaji Ashram and Omkareshwar Yotirlingam Temple in the evening, performed puja there.
06/02/2017-In the morning, We went to Goghat, did Sankalpa Puja for Narmada Parikrama, visited Mameleshwar Yotirlingam Temple.We started for Badwani at 13.00 hours. We could stay at the tent. Therefore, slept at Bus that night.
07/02/2017-We visited many temples there like Shiva Parvati Temple, Radha Krishna Temple, Rinmukto Shiva Temple etc. We reached prakasha at 17.00 hours, visited Kedereshwar Temple, AnnaPurna Temple.
08/02/2017-We started at 7am.On the way, We visited Rama Temple, Hanuman Temple, Shiva Temple, Rama Kunda, Bulbula Kunda. We reached Bimaleshwar and had to stay at the Bus that night.
09/02/2017-After waiting since morning, Our Boat started at 14.00 hours to cross Ma Narmada across Arabian Sea. After three hours hectic journey, finally we had our night stay at Nilkanteshwar Shiva Temple where 52 pilgrims had to sleep in a Hall.
10/02/2017-From Bharuch, We started for Darkorji, visited the famous Sri Krishna Temple there and others.
11/02/2017-We took our regular bath at Narmada in the morning,after puja and visiting some temples, We continued our journey to Maheshwar.
12/02/2017-We visited Rani Ahalyabai Fort, In another temple,Akhanda Sitaram is being chanted. We reached Nemawar at 10 pm.
13/02/2017-We visited a Sati Peeth at Sultanpur. We reached Jabalpur at 1am nighttime. We had to sleep at a long balcony with other pilgrims.
14/02/2017-Routine were the same as like previous days.We reached Amarkantak at 10 pm.
15/02/2017-We visited Mai Ki Bagiya,Narmada Uddgam, Sonmuda, Shree Yantra Temple and Pataleshwar Shiva Temple. We made our night halt at Maharajpur.
16/02/2017-Today,We had begged food items from three house holders. We reached Yoteshwar, met Jagatguru Sankaracharya Swarupanandaji, visited their ashram and Tripurasundari Temple.
17/02/2017-We had night halt at Hosangabad.
18/02/2017-We visited Dada Dhoni Ashram, finally reached Omkareshwar at night.
19/02/2017-We completed our Sankalpa Puja at Gomukh Ghat. Then, worshipped at Omkareshwar Temple and Mameleshwar Temple. We continued our journey and arrived Ujjain.
20/02/2017-We had to arrange permits for Bhasmarati.
21/02/2017-We enjoyed Bhasmarati at Mahakal Temple. Then, we made a city tour.We boarded our train, Shipra Express.
22/02/2017-All day train journey
23/02/2017-We came back home, Bardhaman in the morning.

It was a group of 52 pilgrims where we had many good experience or bad as well. All time Bhajan Kirtan during bus journey or visiting temples rest time, Sharing different food items with each other, In other side, We are senior citizens, provided only two times north Indian meal a day, 300 kms more or less all day long bus journey, Bathing ghats were dirty in some places, hot during day time, cold at night, even night halt arrangements were not good, still we managed day after day as Narmada Parikrama is not a pleasure trip. It is a  Tapassya_Tap Saha_like to take the pain for something good.And that good would be for our ancestors,our family members and our grand children and so on. We thanked to divine for giving us the opportunity to be with it.Narmade Har!!!
as recollected by Mr Debaprasad Mukherjee and Mrs Arati Mukherjee.

 Narmada Parikrama Is Just A Matter Of Faith Or Real Boon

Mountains, Forests and Rivers are the best place for sadhus to meditate and perform their spiritual practice. Since thousand years, The banks of Ma Narmada are enriched with lots of spiritual seekers. So, the whole atmosphere is highly charged that helps the new comers to get in to deep at ease. There are many ashrams or institutions where one can learn many new things, clear their doubts for their spiritual progress. When a devotee watch other devotees doing hard practice, It motivates to perform better.
For a new comer, it is good to visit spiritual places. But, for a mature mind who has already received a direction from an enlightened Guru. It need not to go anywhere or meet any other spiritual face. Rather  It may distract from its regular practice and achieving its goal. In exceptional cases, Guru may direct its disciple to stay at some place for a period of time at some certain phase of spiritual practice.
Narmade Har!!!


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