Damodareshwar (Narmada) Shiva Temple

Damodarpally Unnayan Sansthan

If each individual start working for its surroundings, It contributes for the development of Whole Nation. Just we need to spread this awareness and start from our home only. Here comes Damodarpally Unnayan Sansthan who is serving the Humanity since 1997.It is located at Damodarpally,Kanai Natshal,Near D.V.C Inspection Bunglow,Bardhaman.

1. It works as a volunteer for the “Sajal Dhara Prokolpo” of India Government and maintains the water supply to 300 families throughout the year.
2. It has organized Blood Donation camps and Free Medical Checkup Camps.
3.  It has distributed Blankets to the poor people during the winter season.
4. It has also worked for the children by organizing Drawing Competitions and rewarded them.
5. It has raised fund for the victims of the flood in 2014 and donated the amount for their well fare.
6. It has organized a Camp to help common people to open 170 savings accounts and deposit their money at United Bank Of India, Local Branch just after declaration of the demonetization of 500rs and 1000rs notes by the India Government.
7. It helps in development or maintaining roads, electricity and providing solutions for any kind of local problems.
8. It organizes the annual festivals, Ma Durga Puja and Ma Kali Puja. Poor people are fed well or distributed food items.

Future Projects
1. It is trying to buy an Ambulance to serve the needy in due time.
2. It is looking for setting up an Eco Park with the help of Gram Panchayat so that the children, old people, householders can spend a quality time there.
3. It is planning to make an official website to extend the activities and reach more people.

The Beginning of the Damodareshwar Shiva Temple

It was early 2015,the member of Damodarpally Unnayan Sansthan were thinking over establishment of any Shiva Temple as there is none at the surroundings. It is a co incidence that Mr Aniruddha Mukherjee went for Ma Narmada Parikrama. It may be the outcome of his journey or the fruit of his Shiva Sadhana since years, good karmas and prayers the members of Damodarpally Unnyan Sansthan and the local people and above all the divine grace of Lord Shiva that Mr Mukherjee returned home with a rare Powerful ArdhaNarishwar Narmada ShivaLingam. It is total natural and divine signs are on it. He explained their meanings and In a committee meeting, on 3rd March,2015 finally All agreed on foundation of Damodareshwar Shiva Temple.106 people has put their signature as an approval for this decision.

The Foundation Day
It is 21st  July,2015 (5th Srabon,1422 in Bengali).District Magistrate, Bardhaman Dr Soumitra Mohan IAS was the chief guest  and Sadhus of Bharat Sevashram Sangha were invited.Six Brahmins did Rudra Avishek, Yagya, Chandi Path, Narayan Puja  following proper rituals. Next Day,In the evening,after  Bawul Gaan (devotional songs) event, more than 400 people were served dinner. All arrangements were made by the members of Damodarpally Unnyan Sansthan.

Formation of Damodareswar Shiblinga Parichalan Committee
A committee has been formed for the development and maintaining the daily activities of the Shiva Temple.
1. President-Mr Debaprasad Mukherjee
2. Secretary-Mr Asit Kundu (Mob no-9735826447)
3. Treseurer-Mr Sashanka Sekhar Nandi (Mob no-9475974890)
4. Member-Mr Rabindranath Ghosh
5. Member-Mr Biswajit Mondal
6. Member-Mr Rampada Bag
7. Member-Mr Jayanta Das
8. Member-Mr Aniruddha Mukherjee (Mob no-9153121342)
Besides,there are about 26 families who take the charge of performing daily puja on their expenses rotation wise. With their donations and other devotees’ contributions, A priest has been hired and other expenses are served.

1.It organizes Shivratri, Devotees can offer their puja all day long and night.
2.It celebrates the foundation day of the temple.the date and event details will be updated accordingly. Please follow the official facebook page www.facebook.com\damodareshwarshivatemple

Philosophical Aspects
Everyone in this society is working hard for their survival, fulfilling their daily needs. Later, some get to realize the source of real happiness when we start to do share our achievements with others or do self less service. It is very necessary and an important part of life. In every religion, it is directed to do seva that could be by physical efforts, words, intellects or money. It purifies our ego. Mind gets elevated to an higher surface.
People start thinking, ”from where they have come? Where they will go? Why is this life? Who are they in reality? Just a body or some soul exists? etc”. They start finding the answers from religions. Here start the spiritual Journey. At first, We need grace of the supreme to understand its creation. Therefore, We do puja. Damodareshwar Shivalingam where Shiva Shakti both resides,  promise devotees  the divine blessings of all Devi -Devtaas for all their materialistic needs or guidance to the journey of self realization. As after Puja, the last step remains for a devotee to follow some regular practice as instructed by an enlightened Guru.

An Appeal For Donation
At present, Redevelopment of Damodareswar Shiva Temple has been proposed. Therefore, Funds are being raised. Our initial estimate is Rupees 4 Lakhs to complete the project.
You can send any amount as a donation through NEFT or RTGS, or deposits to-
A\c No-1024010336024
Bank Address-UNITED BANK OF INDIA, Post-Sreepally, Ghordourchatti, G.T.Road, Dist. Burdwan, City : Burdwan, State : West Bengal, Pin : 713103
Email us at aniruddhacolt@gmail.com mentioning your name,address,contact details and a photo copy of the counter part of your deposit slip or a screen shot from computer showing your transaction details, After confirmation, A receipt will be issued in favor of you and the photo copy will be sent back to your email address.
You can also put the names on marble stones for the memory of your family or loved ones’ in the temple premises.
We will be happy to welcome you at Damodareswar Shiva Temple.
Shibam Astu!Subham Astu!Har Har Mahadev!


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