Reiki: Q & A


1. What is Reiki?
Rei means “Universe”, KI stands for “Life Force Energy”.
2. Where it comes from?
Mikao Usui  of Japan received divine empowerment to heal others. He named this as “Reiki”. It flows from master to disciple through lineage.
3. What it can do?
It brings our body’s energy system in balance from imbalance, thus promotes healing for any physical or mental disease.
4. For which diseases it is effective?
It can be used for any issue. It doesn’t work on the disease, rather on the cause of disease.
5. How long it takes to cure?
Generally, offered 5 to 10 sessions. But, it may take longer or even healed in one session within few minutes where medical science has no answer.
6. How diagnosis is done in Reiki?
Reiki has self intellect what to do, where to do, how much to do. Body absorbs Reiki as much as required through a Reiki Chanel from the cosmos.
7.Is it recognized by Medical Council of India?
8.How it has come to medical practice?
Reiki has been practiced worldwide. In developed countries,  Reiki has been adopted as a good support in modern medical treatment.
Like in America_
Hartford Hospital, Brigham And Women’s Hospital, Nashua Hospital, Emerson Hospital, North Shore Medical Center Hospital, USA
In Europe-
Southampton University Hospitals NHS, Aintree University Hospitals NHS, Liverpool, Wallace Cancer Care (works with Addenbrooke’s Hospital-Cambridge University Hospitals NHS), South Tees Hospitals NHS, Middlesbrough, Newham University Hospital NHS, London, Intergrative Medicine and Digestive Center, MaryLand, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, St Teresa’s Hospice and many more.
In India though it is not legally framed, patient party often approach Reiki healers to treat their patients at hospitals during visiting hours or in distance mode and discover faster recovery, better results.
9. What if happens, I take one session, can't continue it?
Reiki is a spiritual healing, even 5 minutes of Reiki given, it's never left the patient empty handed. It's something beyond human's understanding.


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