Guru Parampara


My Guru Parampara
Khepa Ma, Mahatapa Maharaj (Head of Gyanganj Ashram), Vishuddhananda Paramhansadev, Shri Sarosimohan Chatterjee, Aniruddha Mukherjee (Myself).
In this blog, I have already written about me and also posted seperately in right side, "Lebels" section about Gyanganj Ashram, Baba Vishuddhananda and my Guru (Jethu), Shri Sarosimohan Chatterjee. 
Now, as authorized and being blessed my Guru, I am here to participate you in our Guru Parampara.

Initiation in our Guru Parampara
It will be done in two phases.

First Initiation: Shiva Mantra Diksha

Eligibility: Any Hindu by Faith, irrespective of any social, financial, educational background.
Dakshina: Strictly advised not to bring any cash or kind (Fruits, Cloths etc), Only 1 Rupee coin will be taken to respect the tradition.
What will be taught?
1. Shiva Mantra will be given for daily Japa
2. Shiva Pujan at your place or any shiva temple nearby daily or weekly as per your comfort
3. Must perform Shiva ratri onwards
How to apply?
Copy and paste the below form link in to your web browser address bar. Fill this form carefully and submit. I will get back to you shortly.
Form Link:

Final Initiation: Durga Mantra Diksha

Eligibility: Myself or my team will monitor one's daily practice or progress after Shiva Mantra initiation received, if everything goes alright for 3 years. I will call for final initiation.
Dakshina: same like first initiation. But, there will be Kumari Seva during your diksha. Therefore, approx expense is 1000 INR to be borne by the candidate. I will make all the arrangements. In case, there is scarcity of Kumari Ma, Yangya would be performed.
What will be taught?
1. Ma Durga Mantra for Daily Japa.
2. Kriya
How to apply?
Myself or my team will reach you in due time, you need not require applying.

Conclusion: I can only give what my Guru had taught. No other Mantra or practices are given. Since years, I have interacted with many who want to connect. But, due to distance, family responsibilites, job or health issues, Devotees of Baba Vishuddhananda can not reach my place. Soon, I will assign few of my Brahmin Disciples as |Guru Sarathi who will be authorized to carry forward the initiation process in different regions of India. Myself and my team will maintain proper guidelines and training standards of Guru Sarathi. 
Jai |Gurudeva! Guru Kripa |Hi Kebolam!