Reiki Learning


"In USA as per a survey in 2008, 60 Hospitals directly encourage their patients to take Reiki. 800 Hospitals are teaching Reiki to 30000 people every year including doctors,nurses,medical staffs and outsiders".

"Both Dr John Zimmerman (1990) in the USA and Seto (1992) in Japan, further investigated the large pulsating biomagnetic field that is emitted from the hands of energy practitioners whilst they work.They discovered that the pulses are in the same frequencies as brain waves, and sweep up and down from 0.3-30Hz, focusing mostly in 7-8 Hz, alpha state. Medical research has shown that this range of frequencies will stimulate healing in the body, with specific frequencies being suitable for different tissues". 

"Over a 5 year period, meditators consistently had fewer than half the number of doctor visits and days in hospital, compared with controls. Hospital admission rates for medical and surgical conditions were 60-70% less in the meditating group, with 87% less with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, 55% for tumors, 73% less for respiratory disorders, 87% less neurological problems and 30% less for infections". 

"Anxiety levels dropped 17 percent after only five minutes treatment by trained practitioners"

And the list goes on....

Swami Vishuddhananda Reiki Academy 
Our Strength: 
  • Prof. Aniruddha Mukherjee is a B.Tech (Mech.), M.B.A (Finance) first class from Jadavpur University, Ex-Faculty at BBA Dept. St.Xaviers College and serving now as an Asst. Professor in a private engineering college .
  • We teach Traditional Reiki which is the original and purest form of Reiki, mentains the highest standard in Reiki Practice.
  • Prof. Aniruddha Mukherjee is a Traditional Reiki Master Teacher which is the highest achievement in Reiki practice. He has spent 8 years closely working under his Reiki Master before coming to Reiki teaching.
  • In addition, he is also a certified practioner (B.A.S.M) from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.
  • 9 Years + of work experience in the field of Reiki.
  • 26 Years+ of spiritual practices in several disciplines. Above all, recieved Divine Blessings of Yogirajadhiraj Vishuddhananda Paramhansadev.
  • **One and Only Reiki Institute that belongs to the lineage of Gyanganj Siddhashram/ Shangri La Vally.
  • Our institute is govt. registered, air conditioned and falls under one of the oldest Full time Reiki Centres in Bardhaman and Uttarpara.
Disclaimer: Reiki can never be learnt in online mode. One must physically attend the workshop.

Upcoming Reiki Workshop  
By Traditional Reiki Master Teacher Prof. Aniruddha Mukherjee

Reiki First Degree & Meditation (One Time Fees: 4999 INR)
9th September-10th September (Bardhaman/ Uttarpara)
16th September-17th September (Bardhaman/ Uttarpara)
23rd September-24th September (Bardhaman/ Uttarpara)
30th September- 1st Octobar (Bardhaman/ Uttarpara)
7th Octobar-8th Octorbar (Bardhaman/ Uttarpara)

In Reiki First Degree, You will recieve Reiki Empowerment, learn hand positions and will be able to perform touch healing on self and others for lifetime. You will find more details on "Reiki First Degree Class" on the right side "Labels" section in this website.

Reiki Second Degree & Meditation (One Time Fees: 5999 INR)

In Reiki Second Degree, You will recieve complete Reiki Empowerment and able to perform distance healing for lifetime. Topics covered and timings are discussed during Reiki First Degree workshop. For more details, you may go through the "Levels of Reiki" article in "Lebels" section in this website.

N.B- After Second Degree, you being a Reiki Student or a Professional Traditional Reiki Healer, I guarantee that you have been given right knowledge, full empowerment in Reiki. You need not go anywhere or attend any course further about Reiki Healing. This is complete and it will gonna help you life time.

Reiki Mastership (Total Fees: 120000 INR)
This is for only those who wants to teach Reiki First & Second Degree and take Reiki as a full time carrier. In our lineage, One must go through intense Reiki practice and other follow ups under the supervision of Reiki Master for 3 to 5 years or more if required. One must be ready to do hardwork, you can't just buy it.

Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki Master Teacher is who trains Reiki Masters.

Re-learning Reiki
In Traditional Reiki, the Reiki Empowerment, given is valid for lifetime. Still, it has been seen that many has shown interest to relearn Reiki First Degree or Second Degree and it has certain benefits as well. Discounts will be given to the students in Traditional Reiki lineage, kindly bring your old certificates to claim the discount.

In our centres, every weekend, Reiki classes are being organized . You will get free Reiki Books and a note book to record your queris during class. Course Certificate is awarded at the end. Tea, Snacks and Lunch are also provided during the workshop. Advance intimation of joining is mandatory to make necessary arrangements. In case any Banking glitches happen, You may pay course fees in cash during registration process at the venue. Once you enroll for the class over phone, try not to fail in your commitments.

Besides these dates, There are few who have shifting duties or no weekends off or want to attend classes in the evening. For those I try to arrange customized classes at my center. I also take private classes at studnet's place with some extra charges and other conditions followed. 
I wish everyone to experience the bliss of Reiki once in their lives and see miracles happening!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Reiki Fees seems to be high?
Ans: How much you pay for a Medical/Para-Medical/ Physiotherapy/ Nursing or any kind a course? or Have you ever said, "Gold price becomes high?"As per Traditional Reiki, it can be valued as cheap. Anyway, One must set a right price for Reiki to honor. And whatever, you have pay this only once in a life time. It is not an expense, it is an investment for your future development.

2. I have talked to another Reiki Master, his fees are less?
Ans: Doctors, Lawyers, Artists or any other professional's  has no fixed remuneration. It varies with the quality and expertise. I hope, you do not like to compromise and go with the best.

3. What about Angel Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Money Reiki, Crystal Reiki etc.?
Ans: These are modern Reiki with different names, not the original one. Reiki Founder Guru Dr. Mikao Usui received divine empowerment and give only "Reiki" to mankind. Different lineages later experimented with that, done mixing and given different names. I teach origianl Reiki which comes directly from Dr Mikao Usui in the exact form without any change or mixing. So, we use the word, "Traditional". It is the best and pure form of Reiki.

4. Can Reiki be learnt online?
Ans: Never. You must be physically present at Reiki Class and Shaktipaat will be direct in private, following a sacred ritual, one to one basis.

5. How much time it takes to learn Reiki?
Ans: Anyone can learn Reiki. No eligibility or special intellect requires. Once you receive shaktipaat from a Reiki Master, Reiki starts working on your intention. Original Reiki is very simple, It's easy to learn and easy to apply. It may be learnt in few classses or two days workshop is enough. Later, if you have any doubts, you can always call anytime or meet me again with prior appointment. It's free of cost.

6. What Reiki can cure?
Ans: It's a wholistic healing method, effective for health, mind and spiritual well being. For details, you may look in to "Reiki Healing" tab in this website.

7. What if I stop practicing Reiki?

Ans: You have nothing to worry. Once attuned, your ability to channelize Reiki will remain life time. It's irreversible. Anytime you may stop, start and continue with Reiki.

8. What Science has to say about Reiki?

Ans: Reiki is widely used in first world countries. For details, you may refer "Reiki World Wide" article in this website. Several experiments has been conducted to test the efficacy of Reiki with modern insturments and the resuls are amazing. I discuss those research cases in class. Reiki is not a substitute but complementary and can be used with Allopathy, Homeopathy, Yoga or anything. Reiki has no side effects. It's completely harmless.

For more details; you may explore this website or feel free to give me a call. I will be happy to help you!

Reiki is not recognized by Medical Council of India, In case of emergency, do visit your nearby hospital.