Reiki Second Degree Class



Reiki  Second Degree (One day Workshop, Online Class Fees: 5999 INR)

Course Itinerary: 

First Day (8.30 AM- 6.30 PM )

1. Registration (Form Fill up, Fees to be paid in Cash to avoid any banking glitches)

2. Study Material Distribution

3. Welcome Speech

4. Meditation

5. Tea, Snacks

6. Introduction to each other

7. Reiki Theoretical Part Discussion

8. Attunements (Reiki Healing Power Given)

9. Lunch Break

10. Practice of Touch Reiki

11. Practice of Distance Reiki

12. Discussion on Applying Distance Reiki

13. Healing Your Wishes with Reiki

14. Meditation to Channelize Enhanced Energy

15. Certification Ceremony

16. Tea, Snacks

Online Class: I have seen from my experience that students often forget and face doubts after few days. So, I like to revise theory part again through Google Meet where students can ask their doubts and this final discussion gives a strong foundation to your second degree learning and we end course itenery here.


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