Shri Sarosi Mohan Chatterjee


Shri Sarosi Mohan Chattopadhyay

Shri Sarosi Mohan chatterjee was born on 18th Oct,(5th kartik),1924.He was the youngest grand son of Swami Visuddhanand Paramhansadev.

His father was Durgadas Paramhansadev and mother,Nivanoni Devi.He has a brilliant academic carrier.He schooled from Burdwan Municipal High School.He graduated from Burdwan Raj College.He had completed M.A from Calcutta University.He joined as an Officer in Excise department under Govt of India.After 3 years,He had changed his mind and studied L.L.B and started practicing at Burdwan Judge Court.He got married with Ranu Mukherjee in 1963.He had a son and three daughters.Later,He also left law practice and made his living on agricultural Income.

Since his child hood,He was brought up in a religious atmoshphere under the supervision of Swami Visuddhananda Paramhansadev.Once,He was sleeping with swamii,heard some sound coming out from swamiji’s body.On quiry,Swamiji directed that it was his beej mantra and other instructions.Sarosi Mohan was very regular with yogic practice since child hood.He was gayatri siddha.After swamiji left his mortal body in 1937 and Durgadasji also left his abode in 1941.Sarosi Mohan once had a vision of Swami Bhriguram Paramhansadev,senior gurubhai and most powerful yogi of gyanganj who consoled him.Another yogi of gyanganj initiated Shri Sarosimohan when he was just 17 years old.

After few years,he was developed him self that much that he could start interactions with swami Visuddhanand Paramhansadev.He carried away swamii’s directions through out his life.He also received letters from gyanganj regarding ashram issues.He had very few disciples.He tested anyone hard before making disciples and also took swamji’s permission.He strictly mentain his secrets and remained silent most of the time.He valued  practice consistantly more than any discussions.

He was a good singer and received  his teachings from famous Gyan Goswamij of that timei.He liked to read books more than any thing till the last days of his life.

He left his mortal body at the age of 90 years in kolkata on 29th December,2014.

Jethu once confimed me that another Yogi from Gyanganj had officially initiated him when He had been 17 years old.But,never disclosed his identity and advised to follow only Visuddhanandji.


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